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Engineering Data For Co2:

BTU per kilowatt 3412
BTU per pound of steam 1000
BTU per pound of water per degree 1
BTU Required to vaporize 1 pound of Co2 120
BTU Required to vaporize 1 pound of H2O 960

One pound of steam = One pound of water.
Average heat required to vaporize and super heat
one pound of Co2 to 70 degrees F = 135 BTU

Power required per pound 40 watts
100 lbs. per hour 4000 watts = 4 Kw
375 lbs. per hour 15,000 watts = 15 Kw
750 lbs. per hour 30,000 watts = 30 Kw
1000 lbs. per hour 40,000 watts = 40 Kw

1000 watts = 1 Kw (kilowatt)

Steam required per pound to vaporize and super heat = .14 lbs.
100 lbs. per hour 14 lbs. of steam
500 lbs. per hour 70 lbs. of steam
1000 lbs. per hour 140 lbs. of steam
5000 lbs. per hour 700 lbs. of steam
10,000 lbs. per hour 1400 lbs. of steam

The steam pressure does not effect these numbers. The steam pressure affects the sizing of the steam train and
the condensate return system. Lower pressure steam will require a larger steam train and condensate system.

Pressure Building Information For Co2:

The following information is based on liquid withdrawn from the tank being pressurized with saturated liquid at 285 to 295 psig. For every pound of liquid Co2 withdrawn, .0536 lbs. of gas will need to be put back into the tank to maintain the tank at pressure.

700 lbs. of liquid withdrawn 37.52 lbs. of pressure build required
1000 lbs. of liquid withdrawn 53 lbs. of pressure build required
5000 lbs. of liquid withdrawn 268 lbs. of pressure build required
BTU per pound of pressure build 120 BTU

If customer is using gas off the top of the tank, the pressure build unit will have to deliver the same number of pounds of gas as the customer is using. A straight 1 to 1 ratio will need to be used.

Trim Heater Information For Co2:

BTU required to heat 1 lb. of Co2 gas 1 degree = .2040445
Example: 500 lbs. of gas per hour heated 60 degrees 500 x 60 x .2040445
6121.33 BTU
1.79 kilowatts
6.12 lbs. of steam

Wattage Change Due To Voltage

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