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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning System

Clean Equipment On-Line Without Harming Your Equipment Or The Environment

This unit is user-friendly and safe to operate. As a "dry" cleaning process, there are no messy chemicals to clean up. The dry ice pellets sublimate to a gas on impact, returning to the atmosphere.


  • Non-abrasive
  • Non-corrosive
  • Reduces clean-up time
  • Can provide on-site cleaning
  • User-friendly - can be operated by one person
  • Replaces environmentally harmful cleaning systems
  • Cleans a variety of surfaces for a variety of industries

  • General Specifications:

    • Power requirement- all pneumatic operation
    • Supply pressure range:- 60 psig to 300 psig (4.1 bar to 20.3 bar)
    • Blasting pressure range:- 35 psig to 160 psig (2.4 bar to 11.0 bar)
    • Dry ice consumption- changeable flow rates from 125 to 400 lbs. per hour (56.7 to 181.4 KG per hour)
    • Propellant consumption- 40 SCFM to 500 SCFM (1.13m3 to 14.16m3 changeable kg) depending upon pressure
    • Dimensions- 36 3/4" length x 20 1/2" width x 39 5/8" height (93.3 cm x 52.0 cm x 100.6 cm)
    • Approximate weight- 235 lbs. (106.6 kg)

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